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China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Broadcasting Network, China Satcom, China Tower, MIIT,

China Mobile

Company : China Mobile
Website :

Phone : 10086 / +86-10-5268-6688 (International)

China Telecom

Company : China Telecom
Website :

Phone : 10000 / +86-21-6888-8888 (International)

China Unicom

Company : China Unicom
Website :

Phone : 10010 / +86-10-6622-0000

China Broadcasting Network

Company : China Broadcasting Network
Website :

Phone : 400-888-5000 / +86-10-5999-9000 (International)

China Satcom

Company : China Satcom
Website :

Phone : 96121 / +86-10-6319-6888 (International)

China Tower

Company : China Tower
Website :

Phone : 10010 / +86-10-6621-9999 (International)


Company : MIIT
Website :

Phone : (+86)10 68038481
(MIIT) Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

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