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Chinasat is a family of communications satellites operated by the China Direct Broadcast Satellite Company. The series was previously operated by the China Satellite Communications Corporation, and before that the China Telecommunications Broadcast Satellite Corporation, which was owned by China's Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.

Satellites formerly operated by the Sino Satellite Communications Company and the China Orient Telecommunications Satellite Company were renamed with Chinasat designations following their mergers with the China Satellite Communications Corporation to form China DBSAT. ChinaStar 1 became Chinasat 5A, Sinosat-1 became Chinasat 5B, and Sinosat-3 became Chinasat 5C.

Chinasat 6B The Chinasat 6B satellite was manufactured by Thales Alenia Space. It has 38 transponders, and is being used for TV transmissions and shortwave jamming across China, Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Oceania. It has a planned useful life of 15 years. Thales Alenia Space built the satellite with no components from the United States whatsoever. This allowed it to be launched on a Chinese launch vehicle without violating U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations ITAR restrictions. The launch, on a Long March 3B rocket, was successfully conducted on 5 July 2007. The broadcast used for some shortwave radio jamming purposes in China is carried on one of the Chinasat 6B transponders.

Chinasat 9 Chinasat-9 On 9 June 2008 the China Great Wall Industrial Corporation used a Long March 3B lifting off from Xichang pad LA-2 to launch Chinasat 9.

China DBSAT Corporate Profile
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China DBSAT 中星5A. China DBSAT
China DBSAT 中星5B. China DBSAT
China DBSAT 中星5C. China DBSAT
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